Formal Portraits

by S.C. Schoneberg

If you want to commission a Portrait in comparable sizes like the drawings or oil paintings shown herein -- with special backgrounds or colors, from life or photographs -- a portrait of yourself, your friends, business associates, or family memebers -- please phone 541-482-5848 for help or information.

Portraits of your family members are an investment in eternity, a treasure of joy and thanksgiving.

Talk to me about your wishes, your budget; the process is easily attainable. One-half the investiment is in advance -- your commitment to my art and integrity. My commitment to you is a work of art full of beauty, meaning, and value.

If created from life in my studio, a few hours is sufficient for the preliminary sketches, drawings, compositions, color, background that must meet your approval. Photos will be taken. The entire work of art can then be created in your absence. If multiple people are the subjects, all must be present for this first sitting. If the portrait is to be created from a photograph, then the process is the same.

On happy conclusion, the Patron should be present when the finishing touches are made, and the work of art is completed; the balance is then paid. Fax or E-mail your telephone number to me; I will call you personally and we can discuss everything. Thanks for your trust in my art--looking forward to talking and being with you.

Shelley Schoneberg

Rosie and Dan Hunter's Marraige
Charcoal pastel

Portrait of The Honorable James Grube
Bankruptcy Court, U.S. Peckham Federal Courthouse
San Jose CA
Charcoal Pastel Drawing on Museum Board
Commissioned for the Celebration of
the Retirement of Judge Grube,
San José, CA
Collection of the Courthouse
© 2006

The Honorable Robert R. Peckam
Charcoal Pastel Drawing on Museum Board
Commissioned for the Celebration of
the Opening of U.S. Federal Courthouse,
San José, CA
Collection of the Courthouse
© 1985

Jim and Janis Hill and Road to Emmaus
Carefree, Arizona
Charcoal Pastel Drawing on Museum Baord
Commisioned for Private Collection
© 1997

Joseph M. Long
Founder of Long Drugs
and Ducks Unlimited 42"x66"
Oil Painting on Canvas
Commisioned for Long Hospital,
University of California Medical Center
San Francisco, CA
© 1978

Mrs. Rebecca Willard
Wife of then CEO Courtaulds Aerospace 48"x76 3/4"
Oil Painting on Canvas
Commisioned for Private Collection
© 1991

Hon. John Wallace Dubeque Farris
before the Supreme Court

Senior Senator from British Columbia
4 1/2 feet x 6 feet
Oil Painting on Canvas
Private Commision
Painted in the Parliament of Canada, Ottowa
© 1957

Rabbi Edgar F. Maguin
6 feet x 7 1/2 feet
Drawing on Butcher Paper
Collection of Skirball Museum,
West Los Angeles, California
In Preparation for Oil Painting on Canvas
for the Collection of
Wilshire Boulevard Temple, Los Angeles

Honorable Marilyn Morgan
Chief Bankruptcy Judge,
US Federal Courthouse, San José , CA 30"x50"
Charcoal Pastel Drawing on Museum Board
Collection of the Courthouse
© 1991

Tim Garfield Libby III, Limington, Maine
Oil Painting on Canvas
Private Collection
© 1991

Honorable Jean Fratani
Charcoal Pastel Drawing
Private Colection
President Du Tribunal De Grande Instance
Supreme Court of France
© 1975

Dr. Kenneth T.H. Brooks
President Emeritas of University of Southern Maine 42"x60"
Oil Painting on Canvas
Collection in Brooks Hall, U.S.M. Gorham Campus
Commissioned by the Alumni © 1970

Honorable William F. Ingram
Chief Judge of US Northern District Court
San José Federal Courthouse, CA
Charcoal Pastel Drawing
Collection of the Courthouse
© 1989

© 2008 S.C. Schoneberg