"Schoneberg's work reveals he is an accomplished painter and expert draughtsman"
Kay English, Los Angeles Examiner

In the best(works) there is a rigorous selectivity; a point of tension between pattern and fact is maintained resulting in a compelling statement."
D.McClellan, Artforum Magazine

"He achieves one of the rarest of rarities in Western Art. He, like the famous De Erdely, raises a drawing to the monumentality of a painting"
Clair Wolfe, Beverly Hills Times

"Unique classic drawings, sincere and robust, inspired by all possible themes."
Daniel I. Meyere, Journal Arts, Paris

"Moving and passionate art inspired by Michaelangelo and Caravaggio"
Giacomo Etna, Ossavatore Romano Italiano

"Schoneberg shows strength and a liveliy sense of color in his works. His art is graphic without apologies."
Charles Downie, The Rome American

"Schoneberg has captured the Light of Greece."
K. Pabobolopus, Eiknos Magazine, Greece

"He knows his anatomy and draws with vigor and authority"
Arthur Miller, Los Angeles Times

"To study the work of a young artist who has learned his craft the hard way as the masters of old had to learn it, is a rare and geuine pleasure"
F. Meisels,The Jerusalem Post, Isreal

"Schoneberg has a sturdy style with his drawings"
J. Douglas Hale,Arizona Republic

"They (Schoneberg's Murals) give insight into his methods and might encourage a wider use of murals in the many buildings being erected here."
Henry J. Seidis,Los Angeles Times

"His figures have grace, elegance in theme and masterly technique; in all the works there is dignity and sincerity"
M. Adarvez,Ideal, Granada, Spain

"He sees within appearances and illumines through love. It is God given inspiration that distinguishes his work"
Leovigildo Caballero,Sur, Malaga, Spain

"What matters is Schoneberg's masterful use of line, flexible, sensitive to nuance of both form and effect."
Barbara Haddad, Denver Post

"A very skilled draughtsman with a certain romantic breadth of expression"
Tord Bechstrom,Goteborg Handelbroch Sjefarts, Tindnizing, Sweden

"Schoneberg is a fine draughtsman with the Renaissance masters as his ideal"
Gosta Andrew,Arbetet, Malmo, Spain

"The power of construction, the vigor of the traits that underlie the beauty of people, the intense transcending life of the models, are full of admiration with what the drawings express, the exquisite way of a master,
Gil Treo,Le Provencal, France

" A magnificent ensemble of sanguines, pictures that veritably glorify the human form; a prestigious draughtsman. The large art public is overwhelmed with this great talent"
Viviane Bost,Nice-Matin, France

"Marvelously gifted in drawing, he is considered one of the greatest artists of the United States in modern times; this title is not abused
Genvieve Viel-Mazel,L'Espoir, France

"Schoneberg can draw like Leonardo da Vinci, Goya and Hieronomous Bosch"
Rolf Anderberg,Goteborgs Posten, Sweden

"Like Hogarth before him, Schoneberg chronicles the day with his drawings"
Marjorie Barrell,Rocky Mountain News

His ecclectic style is not the result of irrational enthusiasms or contemporary affections; nor does it display the arid mimicry that prevails in may modern art circles. It is a lucid, thoughtful, elegant definition of the oeuvre of a great 20th century painter who mirrors over and over again the mysterious joie de vivre and cyclic continuity of humanity. Schoneberg's power to enhance, enrich and extend the meaning of life was described years ago by Bernard Berenson, Italy's great art historian, as the primary function and role of art"
Phyllis Barton,Southwest Art,
Archetypal Artist of the 21st Century

"The painter Schoneberg: an incomparable master of draughtsmanship and color"
Genvieve Viel-Mazel,L'Espoir, France

Schoneberg is a sensualist, who would have been at home in the court painted by Diego Rodriquez de Silva Valasquez or Francisco de Goya, surrounded by beautiful women."
Tacy Bowman Maguire,Honolulu-Advertiser

"One may remember Schoneberg as the pastel master."
Larry Riley, Gazette Journal, Nevada

" He is close to our visionary understanding as contemporaries like Rico Lebrun and Henri Matisse."
David C. Driskell, Fisk University Art Museum

"A sensitive and loving eye"
EditorDenver Post, "The Best in Town"

"These great works of drawing, the excellent studies of human form, a poetry of immense life born through the traits of his prodigious pastels."
R.Carpanetti, Paris Cote D'Azure, Cannes

"These great works of drawing, the excellent studies of human form, a poetry of immense life born through the traits of his prodigious pastels"
R. Carpenetti,Paris Cote D'Azure,Cannes

"Soon he shall have the consecration of Paris, which is his right"
R.G.Roy,Galerie du Carleton, Cannes

"A very strong personality, powerful originality going far beyond the ordinary; the artist is yet capable of a certain evolution that transcends academism- toward painting of imagination, even a visionary"
Jean Derghel,Le Provencal, France

"The newest painting he calls "Fable" is a chaste nude-something that is completely Maine. the painting is a colorful impressionistic piece with the air of a Manet about it"
Joyce Turrell,Journal Tribune, Maine

"More than 60 attorneys, judges, and friends attended the formal unveiling of Schoneberg's new portrait of Chief District judge William F. Ingram in the San Jose Federal Courthouse, and there simply wasn't enough time to praise the judge, who was visibly touched by the presentation. After a standing ovation, The Portrait was moved to the Federal Court Library where it was hung in the left alcove. Schoneberg's Portrait of Peckham hangs in the opposite alcove."
Jennifer Pittman,San Jose Post

A sentiment of Van Goghs comes to mind. In a note to Gaugin, Vincent said that artists should work like sailors towing the line together since all lines ultimately lead to the same source. As unlikely as it may seem in this world of commerce and PR, Schoneberg ingenuosly does just that - a fact which may be of only passing interest to art collectors, but which is a rare quality of endearment to his fellow artists.
Arthur Secunda monograph,S.C.Schoneberg, Duveen Editions

"He feels that he is ecclectic in the same manner as was Picasso. From the body of his work it is clear that he is equally prodigious. In his immense murals, including a recent work commissioned by Cortaulds Aerospace ( in which Schoneberg used collage extensively), he has left a mark. However, perhaps the greatest gift of all he offers is his love of the world"
Susan Lynn Solomon,Sun Storm Fine Arts Magazine, Winter 1996

"These hieroglyphs are often obvious, sensual, shocking, or absurd. The personal mirror image is transformed again and again through myth into a suprapersonal metaphor. A psychological pilgrimage opens inner land non-manifest in easily recognizable forms. What remains is the living question between the crystallized fact of the work of art, and the initial movement towards expression. Hidden between is the paradox of creation, the Void before which all images are silent."
S.C.Schoneberg,Introduction to the Centaurs Garden
The Geneva Suite

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