The American Great Masters of Art

created from his extraordinary drawings and oils at the unique printing masters of Hunters Editions, Kennebunk, Maine with Special Editions of 50 Giclee Prints, 5 Artist Proofs in the following sizes:

30" x 40"
27" x 20"
20" x 15"

Friends, Collectors, Patrons, find your favorite work of art among the 50 Giclee Editions, Call me at 541-482-5848 and we will create the size you wish and when you send me your check, I will order your Giclee and within a week it will be completed, chopped, signed and dedicated to you, your friends, your business associates, your family. Your personalized Giclee Print will be packed, sent by UPS air, Insured. These extraordinary works of art are as beautiful as the originals and you will feel joy enriching your world with SC Schoneberg's Finest Arts.

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The American Great Masters of Art

with Harmony in grey and green: Miss Cicely Alexander; Nocturne:Blue and Gold - Old Battersea Bridge; arrangement in Flesh Color and Black: Theodore Duret; arrangement in grey and black:Whistlers Mother

C.M. Russell
with Buffalo Hunt, At Close Quarters & Roping the Longhorns

Frederick Remington
with Dismounted;The 4th Troopers Moving;The Grass Fire; The Scout; Evening on a Canadian Lake; and Hiawatha's Wedding Feast.

Winslow Homer
with Snap the Whip, Veteren in a New Field, The Outer Banks, Summer Night and The Hunter

Edward Hopper
painting The Lighthouse at 2 Lights, Maine with 11AM, Sea at Ogunquit, Chop Suey, Evening Wind and Soir Bleu

Thomas Eakins
painting Swimming with William Rush Carving his Allegorical Figure of the Schuylkill River,John Biglin in a Single Scull, Starting Out After Rain and Portrait of Walt Whitman

with details of El Jaleo, The Oyster Gatherers of Cancale and the Court of Myrtles in the Alhambra
Original drawing also available

Walt Kuhn
with Roberto, Blue Clown and Fancy Dress
Original drawing also available

Robert Henri
with Miguel of Tesque, Salome, Little Country Girl and Monhegan
Original drawing also available

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