E Pluribus Unum
16 feet x 5 feet
Scottish Rite Temple, San José, CA

"Hello everyone, I'm S. C. Schoneberg.

Scroll through my Internet Museum,
where landscapes, portraits, paintings, and drawings
are for sale.

For information about my work, please contact my daughter at ketzia@ketzia.com .

She will get back to you as soon as possible.

It would be my pleasure to paint a canvas for you- a landscape or a mural for your favorite wall; perhaps a fine charcoal-pastel drawing, a still-life, a historical work, a personal active composition of your life and that of your family. Or I could paint or draw your portrait or that of your family together, something informal or even a formal portrait of you surrounded by images of your lifes work. All these possibilities and even more when created will be an added grace and investment for your home or office.

Credits, private collections, and museums
that have purchased my work
can be see under Curriculum Vitae,
Reviews, and Articles.

Enjoy and be in touch."

S.C.Schoneberg Fine Arts

© 2008 S.C. Schoneberg